Foxy Fox Tail Silicone Butt Plug


Grey with White Tip – 46 cm Tail

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What could be better than a beautiful faux-fox tail in a lusciously flowing 18” length? How about a premium-platinum silicone on the other end? Presenting Foxy, perfect for adding an extra kink to your bedtime tales, and of course ideal for the cos-play crowd. Soft, sensual and shimmering, it’s truly a treat for all the senses. In other words, this fox rocks!


– A full 18” (45 cm) in length!

– Soft, shimmering faux fur

– Deep, beautiful colouring

– Awesome feel

– Premium silicone plug

– Spot-cleans easily with mid soap and warm water

– Blow-dry to return Foxy to its radiant fullness!

– Materials: Faux fur, and premium platinum silicone


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