Satisfyer A-Mazing 1


Berry USB Rechargeable Vibrator

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Get A-Mazing pleasure!

The A-Mazing 1 offers a long shaft, ideal for deep and unexplored A-spot stimulation.

The A-spot is located about 2 inches above the G-spot, along the front vaginal wall.

You will find it when you grab a hold of the A-Mazing using the Vibes signature handle, allowing for better grip and more comfortable holding.

The curved and smooth shaft offers ease and comfort to the pleasurable experience.

With a rigid shaft, small and rounded flexible tip, and two powerful motors, explore 12 different vibration programs through the easy-to-navigate control panel.

The A-Mazing 1 is made of body-safe silicone, rechargeable, and waterproof (IPX7).

End your day with amazement!

– Features a small tip for targeted A-spot stimulation

– A-spot lies along the front vaginal wall, about 2 inches higher than the G-spot

– A-Mazing offers extra length for deep & unexplored stimulation

– 2 strong motors

– Ring handle for easy use


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